Praying For Other People

Praying for other people is so important.

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We can pray for our friends.

We can pray for people in countries where they can be put into prison for going to church.


We can pray for people who are sick.


We can pray for our grownups.


We can pray for people not safe in their own country, and refugees who travel a long way to a safe country.

We can also pray for people who lead countries (even if we don't agree with them!)

Can you think of people we have missed?

There are so many people to pray for!

Lots of grownups keep a list and pray for some people on one day, and others on another day.

This is a prayer diary.

Lots of people write answers to prayer in there too!

You could do this with pictures or words (Some grown ups also draw while they pray!)


Does your church have a list of people who need prayer?

Ask your grown up to help you to choose some one to pray for regularly.

Does your church have people whose job is telling others about Jesus - here or in another country. Choose one to pray for.

The most important thing is to ask God who else to pray for and what you should pray. Sometimes God will tell us to do something and makes us part of the answer to our prayers - that's one of many exciting things about praying!

Why not write to someone and say you are praying for them,

and ask them if there is one thing they would like you to pray

for most.