Praying Thankful Prayers With Scrabble Letters

You Will Need: Scrabble letters (or paper with large squares to write words scrabble style).
You can buy just the scrabble tiles online for £3 and upwards.

It is possible to pray all sorts of prayers with scrabble. But together with the people in our home, we are thinking about being thankful!

If you don’t have scrabble, try printing some squared paper and writing the letters in each box like a scrabble game (I downloaded from

As you pray with the scrabble, it is OK to break some rules! 

You can use the blank tile as you would normally - but use it to break up a word too (Like I have in the word ‘bike ride’) 

You can also turn letters the wrong way round to look like another letter, just like I have in the picture; so an upside down ‘p’ can be turned around to be a ‘d’.


Think of the things you are thankful for, and use them in your scrabble game. 



You can either pray “thank you God for…” as you make each of your words, or do one big prayer at the end with everyone saying thank you using the words they made.

Some other ways of praying with scrabble.

If it is easier to just make the words in a line, you can do that too, just like in the photo.

If you want to, just spread the letters out, and pick one that is the first letter of your thankful word. If your thankful word is Banana, just pick up the letter ‘B’ and hold it as you say your thankful prayer.


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