Praying Thankful Prayers

With Lego

You will need:
Lego, duplo or similar.
A base board would be useful but don't worry if you don't have one.

Did you know you can pray with lego?

You can, and we are going to give you four ways you can do this to say thank you to God. You could even mix them up if you want to! There are no rules, other than making sure you remember to pray!

Think about which things you want to say thank you for today.

Something that has happened? 

Something you have eaten or drunk?

Maybe a person or animal?

Anything else?

Get Ready

1. One way to pray with lego is to build something you’re thankful for.

We built a house because we are thankful we have somewhere to live. (Where we live doesn’t look like the model! Yours doesn't have to either).

2. If like us, you’re not very good at building models, why not do a lego picture of what you’re thankful for? We did a flower and a butterfly. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look very much like what you’re thankful for - God will know and understand what you are building.

3. If you like to line things up, because that is something that helps you think and be calm - you can do that too! 

You could just think of the thing you are most thankful for as you you line up the bricks. 

Or, you could think of something you are thankful for that is the same colour.

4. Maybe you like making patterns. Use one of the bases to make a colourful pattern with the lego. What colours are the things you are thankful for - use those colours to make a pattern.

Or, Think of something you are thankful for that is the same colour.


Say your prayers as you build, line up or create patterns. Tell God why you’re thankful for them too. He knows why, but He loves to hear you tell Him.

Ponder Some More:

There will be people who don’t have what you are thankful for. Think about them as you pray. Ask God to to help them.


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