Covid Zip Prayers:

Praying for us to pull together even though we need to be apart.

You will need:
One zip per person! It could be on  some clothing, your pencil case or a bag....or not attached to anything!


Are you missing people?

Missing friends who are not in your school bubble, relatives who can't come to visit?

Missing hugs and cuddles?

All because the rules about the virus mean you
can't meet up.

Are you feeling lonely? Sad?

Lots of people are using the phrase "Together Apart".

It doesn't make sense because you can't be both those words at the same time! 

But people are trying find ways to do this: A phone call, sending a postcard, using a video call. Maybe leaving something on a doorstep - a drawing, a homemade cake or biscuit, a toy....or even some chocolate! Then having a chat from a distance when they open the door.

Can you think of other things you could do?

We have friends and family, we still love each other and we can still talk to each other, do nice things for each other, even though we might not be able to meet up and hug each other.


We are going to pray about all this using the zip!

Zips pull two sides of something together - clothes, the top of a bag or a pencil case.
As you open the zip and the sides come apart, tell God who you miss and how you feel about it - be honest! God doesn't mind.

Now do the zip back up, and as you do that ask God to show you ways to keep in touch, help and care.

Ask Him to remind you of other people who are really lonely who you could do something for - like send them a picture or write a postcard.

Printable version coming soon

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