Introduction To The Thankful Prayer Activities

Give a lot of time and effort to prayer. Always be watchful and thankful. 

Colossians chapter 4 verse 2.

How Are You Feeling?

That’s a very hard question! 

You could have many ‘feelings’ like fear, sadness, worry, happiness.

Maybe all the changes that keep happening because of Covid are making you feel anxious.


Maybe you think it’s all very unfair that some of the things you loved doing are not allowed at the moment.

Maybe… what you feel is so jumbled up you can’t name any of your feelings right now! And that’s OK

Maybe… you have a tummy ache and you just don’t know why.

Have a chat with your grownups about how you are feeling:


Like cheering and smiling?


Hiding in a pan or a big box?


Like running around..... and screaming?


Like eating all the time?


Like flying away holding a balloon?


Like there's ants in your tummy and they're wearing big boots?!

When you feel worried, sad or angry (or even when you're happy!) a good thing to do is to think about all the things that make you smile or glad you have them.

These are things to be thankful for.

Look for those things every day.

Some days it may be difficult and you will have to think extra hard, but you will find something! There is always something to say thank you to God for!

Think of some of those things you are thankful for now and ask your grown ups what they are thankful for. 

If you go back up to the menu at the top of this page and click on it, you will find some fun prayer activities to help you pray your thankful prayers using things like Lego, bubbles and scrabble.

We hope you and your family enjoy them!