Albert's Prayer Arrows

When I was training to be a children's evangelist with Scripture Union - many, many years ago, my mentor (John Marshall) used some arrows to help explain prayer to children. I asked if I could use the idea - and he long as I improved them!

Over the last 27 years they have been used, changed tweaked, turned into a little booklet and now being released to the world digitally!
The pictures I now use were kindly drawn for us by Neil Crook from our home church and feature one of my oldest puppets - Albert.
Below I will give a summary of what they are, and soon I will be giving links to prayer ideas you can use alongside each arrow - a sort of pick and mix of fun and thoughtful ways to pray with the help of Albert.

Click the picture next to each description to see the full prayer activity, links to a printable version and in time, links to other matching prayer activities. (Currently only the Praise and Sorry Arrows at the moment - more being added between our other work!)

NOTE: If you use/reproduce these activities digitally or in printed form, you can use them for free, but please remember to attribute them to 'Pondering Platypus Resources' (C) 2000 Kay Morgan-Gurr

A yellow arrow pointing upwards. Next to this is a cartoon chimpanzee standing on tiptoe, arms in the air, trying to be as tall as possible


In this first part of our prayers, we are thinking about who God is and what He is like - then telling Him. 


In this part of our prayers we are saying  sorry for all the wrong things we do. What we mean by that  is: all those things that make God sad like being rude, telling lies or taking something that isn't ours. It can also mean making something else more important than God. Remember that we really need to mean it when we say sorry.


Saying thankyou for everything, even when we feel like grumbling about everything else! Sometimes we need to look hard to find something to be thankful for - but there is always something! For example: we might feel poorly and grumpy with a cold, but we can be thankful that there is medicine to help us feel better


Prayer isn't just about talking.

We should listen to what God has to say too.

You can do this by finding out what the Bible says, talking with other people who are friends with Jesus and even singing songs about God.

In this part of our prayers we are asking God to speak to us and to help us listen and hear what He wants to say.

Use Me

God can use YOU. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you have an additional need or disability or what colour you are. YOU can serve God.

That could be by being friends with someone who is bullied, sharing with someone who doesn't have much, or helping your grownups around your home (Yes...washing up and making the bed is included!)

In this part of our prayers we are asking God to show us what He wants us to do for Him.


We need exercise to keep healthy. We also need to keep our friendship with Jesus healthy with 'spiritual exercise',  such as finding out what the Bible says, talking with other people about Jesus and praying.
In this part of our prayers we are asking God to help us get to get to know Him better and live our lives in the way He shows us to.


In this part of our prayers we are praying for other people: for God to provide what is needed, to help people who are ill and to help people whose job is telling other people about Jesus.
You can pray for the people who run countries, and for people who will go to prison for being a Christian. There are sooooo many people to pray for you may have to pray for some on one day and others on a different day!


Praying for what we need - safety, peace, a pet to get better and much more, but it's ok to ask for some things that it would just be nice to have too - but don't make it a long shopping list!

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