• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Why Thankfulness?

We felt that it was important for our first batch of prayer activities to be all about thankfulness.

With many things changing on a daily basis with Corona virus including the information we are given, we seem to be living with a lot of uncertainty. This can sometimes come out in our emotions and our general well-being.

Thankfulness and gratitude are the perfect antidote to those moments when we feel as though life is falling apart, when stress is taking over and being annoyed with everything seems to be our permanent reality (what my hubby calls having the 'nadgers'.... what a great word!).

Gratitude doesn't get rid of the stressors or those annoying things, but it does feed our soul and re-calibrate our feelings.

Our council of reference keeps a 'Record of God's Faithfulness' along side the minutes of each meeting. On days where discouragements in our ministry happen, looking at that record helps us to recenter and carry on.

We need to nurture a habit of gratitude, because there is always something to be thankful for.

We pray that the thankful prayer activities will feed the souls of all who do them, and centre emotions, helping them to look back to God as the source of all they need.

Psalm 9 Verses 1 and 2:

1 Lord, I will give thanks to you with all my heart.

I will tell about all the wonderful things you have done.

2 I will be glad and full of joy because of you.

Most High God, I will sing the praises of your name.