• Kay Morgan-Gurr

Family Discussion Starter Video - Easter

Steve and I do many puppet sketches to help illustrate what we are teaching or to create discussions around a subject. It's amazing how a puppet can encourage children to chat more than any human can! Steve did this video for a webinar, but we thought we would share it here too. We did this when we ran Whizz Kids at Spring Harvest once and told the children to repeat it to their grown ups over lunch (The grown ups had the same teaching that day - but they didn't have it explained to them by a large white rabbit!!) The feedback from parents about this was amazing, opening up a subject many grown ups were unsure how to explain to children.

I don't like giving a set list of questions to use with it - you know the children best! Allow the children freedom to explore and ask questions for themselves - they will own the truth of the Easter story much better that way.

This video is free to share, and use. If you want to use it in a live stream or similar, please do - But credit Steve Morgan-Gurr and Pondering Platypus Resources.

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