My Name is Kay Morgan-Gurr, and I am the person behind The Pondering Platypus Resources site (In more ways than one!)

I have been in full time ministry with children for over 26 years, having previously trained and worked as a nurse, specialising in children who have additional needs and disabilities.

I love story telling, puppeteering, nurturing the faith of children as well as supporting other grownups to do the same - especially the grownups children live with.

In my day to day work, I am chair of the Children Matter coalition (or, 'herder of very busy colleagues who are constantly full of brilliant ideas' - but that name is too long!) and am co-founder of the Additional Needs Alliance. I'm also blessed to serve on the Evangelical Alliance Council.

You can find out more about me at KayMorgan-Gurr.com


Training - Additional Needs and disability

Training - Children's Work

Consultancy - Additional Needs and disability

Bespoke training to churches and organisations to fit their needs.

This can be for any age group or need, or a general session to make sure you are open and prepared for all additional needs and disabilities.
I will deliver some training for free if a church doesn't have the resources to pay for it.

Bespoke training depending on the needs of a church or organisation.
Can be general, or on a specialist subject such as story telling or creative prayer.

I consult for various organisations, including Spring Harvest, on additional needs and disability.
I can do this for any church or organisation.
For churches with few resources I can do this for free.
I have a lived experience of disability, and much training and experience in many areas

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